WellHaven participated in a recent Vet Treks project*. Vet Treks was able to train 18 vets and 12 technicians on improved surgical techniques, anesthesia and monitoring, and on how to offer their model for high volume spay/neuter. The vets received CE credits from the Kenyan veterinary Board for their participation. Vet Treks donated surgical instruments and enough supplies for them to continue offering these services in their community of Lodwar, Kenya.

While the short-term goal of Vet Treks Foundation is to address urgent animal welfare issues in our target areas, the long-range mission is to support the expansion of veterinary services in areas of need in order to create improvements in animal welfare far into the future.

The presence of permanent veterinary services in developing communities brings many positive changes.

To learn more about Vet Treks Foundation, click here.